Let my lines
Be as real as your rainbow
As surreal as your horizon;
Let my thoughts
Be as pure as the morning dew
That drips on the meadows
Through the trees,
Let my actions be
As gentle as the breeze
That caresses the leaves.

The page is wide open for me
To pen my sailing journey
Let love be the ink of my passage
Let honesty of expression
In pleasure and pain
Be my constant company.

Let my words be
As easy as your water,
Let my stories be
As available as your air,
As tranquil as your lakes;
Let their meanings be
As deep as your oceans,
As hopeful as your
Twilight and dawn.

If I truly love your shining stars
Your forests, rivulets,
Your fruits and flowers,
Let me learn to bequeath like you
Wealth of my being
My healing words;
Let the world rage
Its cruelest of wars,
I will continue to emulate
Unconditional love like you
Superfluous barriers and borders.Read my thoughts on YourQuote app at 

© supratik 2023
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There is such spiritual beauty in your words, as if your soul was speaking of being set free, to travel and spread the word of love, peace and pure happiness. Like a Summer rose opening, your poem blooms.



A truly beautiful poem, stunning lines that really spoke to me, drew me into a perfect place in my own mind. Sue.

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