A Mid Night Dream

I saw the road sign.

It is quite surprising
where dreams can take you.
It may be to a place
where you have never been
and full of people
you’ve never seen.
But the landscape I dreamt
last night was familiar.
It was in North Wales
and the reason I know
is that I saw the road sign
that read Croeso.
In the old venue
I met many friends:
Stuart, Carol, Chris and Maureen.
They were solicitous
and all wanted to know
if I still wrote in my magazine.
I was very afraid
that I would be scolded
if I revealed the journal had folded.
But this was my dream
and so I could tell
that the zine was alive and well.
I said my goodbyes
and Mark drove me home
at ten, on the M56.
It was then he confessed
that he was in a fix
and didn’t know what to do.
He’d always voted Labour
but was tempted to switch
in favour of Plaid Cymru.
I said, “Mark, I’m Italian.
It’s no use asking me”
And resumed my sleep.
© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2023
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Such a delightful read Luigi! I like to read your poems, full of people, places, wit and information. Also the rhyming and the cheerful vein that runs throughout. I was laughing towards the end, the way you chose to remind yourself in your dream that since it was a dream, it was alright not to let them know about the winding up of your magazine and your witty reply to a confused Mark and going back to sleep. A clever one! A dream can be described with so much honesty and intelligence to create a beautiful poem is an art… Read more »

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