The Jogger Wore Purple.


The jogger wore purple…

A flash of sharp

defiance to the gold

that watched her pass:

fallen leaves

eschewing slumber,

frolicked round 

her feet.

On she ran, she turned

was gone..

an unexpected

spark of life

this downbeat




© sweetwater 2020
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Really crisp work here, Sweetwater. The reader can see the scene clearly and I even found myself feeling as if I were the jogger. Which I probably should be. lol



They say a poet sees poetry in the mundane. This poem proves it.
Poetry is all around us waiting to be captured and put to paper.
Well done
Alison x


Great title Sue, and what a seldom seen word ‘eschewing’ (although ‘shunning’ might be an alternative), a simple moment of action captured in a short-lived contrast of colour, purple against gold, if you can compose a poem this well from, as Alison says, mundane observations, then your local world has lots to offer and inspire you. I, for one, should take a leaf out of your book regarding the beauty of brevity. Much enjoyed read.
Trevor x


A beautiful morning scene visualises in mind’s eye as each line passes by
Thankyou for taking us on a walk or is it a jog…along. Much enjoyed Sue! Best Wishes, Gomathi.

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