A Masterpiece

Attributed to Botticelli

Last night on TV
I saw a programme called
Lost Masterpieces.
In it, a painting,
of unknown provenance,
was given the third degree,
examined by experts
intent on discovering
its pedigree.
Because of his fascination,
a sleuth was said to be
a scopophiliac.
One may think it was
a blow below the belt
but he accepted the tease
with good humour.
I understood and shared
the pleasure he felt.
The beautiful image
of a Madonna and child
that was shown on the telly
was exquisitely done
and perhaps the work
of Sandro Botticelli.
There was many a clue
but we still don’t know
if that assumption is true.
© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2023
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I haven’t seen this program yet but I get the thrust of it from your nifty little piece. I can’t follow this one, Luigi. Can you not show the whole painting, in all its splendid colour?


Yes, Luigi art experts do seem to be a special breed.
Regarding Botticelli, I remember my art teacher telling us the man had hands like bunches of bananas and how amazing it was that he could paint such delicate works.

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