I kill the flies
I am alone in my room
Waiting for another world

I ring my doorbell
Just to check;
I see welcome
On the doormat
As I key in.

Sun shines on the sea
Captured in the golden frame
Lightens my tender eyes

Sand, a yellow bed
Waves thrashing on the seashore
Rewriting stories

Sunlight caressing
Green dancing leaves
Mom playing with her newborn

Dawn –
Dew drops silence
A day breaks

Order! Order!
Grammar hammers!
Helpful rules
At times rude
Simply overruled.

No ego
A good omen
-the end-

Ukiaha! – Hmm, let it mean ‘take it easy’. It is a set of small poems with one or many ideas. That’s the only rule which can be sometimes overruled.

© supratik 2023
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This poem brought to mind the artwork of Claude Monet. Just enough of a picture to draw the reader into a world we often are a part of but don’t really see. Whereas the artist draws us into it further and we see more than we knew was there. I really enjoyed this.


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