Fulmars Charm

Fulmar is a sea bird that nests on cliff edges, spending most of its time in flight.

Main text of your writing.

Up high on ridge
This curious character
Studied on a breeze with
Unhurried distant eyes,

Transcending remoteness,
That faraway charismatic gaze
Turns to coastline camaraderie;
Clinging to salty ambiance,

Till with outstretched wings
Charged by waves of air she soars,
Lured by ocean…both enticing and brutal;
Maybe albatross knows fulmar’s thoughts,

This bird does not cry out at savagery of waves,
Her cackle resembles…cacophony of fishermen wives
Enjoying tickle of day’s catch before retiring;
As on cliff edge plumage lies down to rest,

She hangs in there with time to spare,
Waiting patiently for that one hatchling
Established with a kiss…then! Frenzy of feathers
As he with pride declares complete fulfillment.

For now blustery winds reveal their passions…
Waves crash with intensity rushing in then ebbing away,
While those downy feathers keep spirit warm…then!
Out to sea she’ll rise again with outstretched wings,

Her miracle of life needs nourishing, so she
Follows those ships and reckless fishing trawlers,
Where rhythm of shanties help men gather
Oceans gifts in nets so strong.

Fulmar’s flight is scrutinized as dense those
Determined wings pulsate then skim,
Soaring low for she’s no high flying bird…but
Both aesthetic and robust, not to be trifled with.

By Featheredwing.
17th November 2019.

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Hello Featheredwing

Thank you for educating me in the habits and character of the Fulmar. I had never heard of this bird before. There are some very delightful lines in this poem.
It was almost like a moving picture show for me as my mind constructed each stanza into inner imagery.
Alison x


What a wonderful poem! Yes, it is something new to me too and as Alison says, you have paid a beautiful tribute to Fulmar. A complete poem in every sense. Thankyou for sharing it Featheredwing.
Best Wishes, Gomathi.

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