An early poem

      Echoes - Stormwolf

His song comes to me in the morning,
and I run towards its echo. 
Tumbling over cobblestones of sleep
to meet in that strange dawn,
where golden light
negates our shadows
and we are pure.

Melting moments in eternity,
melded together by one voice
and shared vision of a New Jerusalem.
somewhere in the clouds.
Safely concealed behind closed eyes,
tightly held and treasured
jewels from our deserts;

Now open to share with those
with eyes to see in fractals
the intricacies
of the soul in notes.


© stormwolf 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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I instantly understand the morning sounds dusted with affection and purity in the poem I just read a little too late, maybe after a prolonged hiatus? Such a pleasure to read your thoughts. I am now listening to a mantra, a shiv mantra which is monosyllabic …just the word Sambhu chanted in four different notes as I read and reread and reread the lines of an early poem.
Keep writing.


Enjoyed reading your intricately woven poesy with choicest metaphors and rich imagery. You make the reader see and hear the echoes. A beautiful share Alison! Best Wishes, Gomathi


Oh how wonderful to see you back, Alison! And with a lovely submission like this no less. I appreciate this from the conception to the fruition. You have provided us with rich imagery, and this has an almost dreamlike quality in and of itself. I particularly loved your final stanza. And this piece will resonate with me for a long time, I think.



I love the idea of Melting moments in eternity, melded together by one voice and shared vision of a new Jerusalem.

That special someone who comes into your life and you both feel the same. Sometimes words are not needed to express your feelings, but in this case I think you’ve conveyed those sentiments perfectly.

Very enjoyable read.



You have so many superb lines here Alison, I especially love the 3rd line ‘Tumbling over cobblestones of sleep’
Beautiful. Sue

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