The world in my heart

When I discovered this
It disturbed me,
But then I paused
For a long while
And thought;
Slowly, it made sense to me,
I accepted that looking
For like minded people
Is a form of racism.

So now I consciously
Look forward to expand
My horizons,
To like people who
Are not like me;
Though I like to write, I am trying to like people
Who hate writing.
I hate beef, yet I am trying
To love those
Who think their moms
Make the best beef in the world.

In me, I realise this strange calmness
Not perturbed by differences,
Kindness is showering light
Onto to my changed civil eyes.

I am trying to accept people
Who do not belong to my faith,
I suddenly find it meaningless,
Looking alone for those with
Similar taste, familiar face.

I am trying to love the world,
The only visible space
That sings and drums
In different ways,
But beats like my heart.

© supratik 2023
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An excellent message here, Supratik! We should try to embrace others as much as we can, because we might just find something exceptional that we would have otherwise missed.



Stunningly beautiful. This can only ever have been written by one who has lived a thoughtful life. It shows a depth of reflection and a certain resignation to the shallowness of man and the truth behind it all. Alison x

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