On the 50th year of my father’s death.

Earth to earth.
Stone upon stone.
Weeping eyes
amid the weeping willows.
A multitude
surrounds me
but I feel alone
as the priest
asks for forgiveness
in your name,
that you should
be absolved
of the sins of the flesh,
the rage, the lust.
The ones left behind
grieve as you depart
but with a certainty
in their heart
that you are heading
for a better life.
And yet,
and yet…
some doubts remain.
What will your destination be?
Nirvana, Shangri-La,
Will your soul rise
or will your legacy be
just a handful of dust?
© Luigi Pagano

From my poetry collection “Reflections”

© ionicus 2023
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A very thought provoking and reflective poem Luigi. The world has gone quite mad but we forget or belittle the sacrifices of our fathers at great risk to our descendants
Alison x


An impactful poem, filled with pathos in search of answers we may never know. When it comes to parents, we always think they are going to be with us eternally. Fifty years later, still in quest! Thankyou for this reflective share Luigi.
Warm Regards, Gomathi.

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