Army Knives and Cuckoo Clocks

There is a country…

There is a country
that has a clock
that goes “cuckoo”
instead of tick-tock.
Its watches are made
with great precision
which makes one’s choice
an easy decision.
It has a navy
(it may sounds daft
as it is landlocked)
but only a few craft.
With lots of lakes
in which to fish;
where the fondue
is a famous dish.
It has snowy slopes
that one can’t resist
where one can ski
on or-off piste.
Also where Heidi
is the role model
for young children
learning to yodel.
A tennis player
said to be an old codger
but keeps on winning
is a man called Roger.
To other champions
he’s still a threat
and of that country
the biggest asset.
© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2020
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7 months ago

What a delightful read! Rich imagery bringing to life people and places of great interest, be it snowy mountains, cuckoo clocks, Heidi or Federer. Thankyou Luigi for the wonderful share. Enjoyed much.

7 months ago
Reply to  ionicus

Good to know that Luigi! Wonderful to have lived there, places of great appeal. As for rhyme, am a huge fan.
Warm Regards

7 months ago

This is very clever, Luigi. I think this is one of your best. I must confess I’m not a big fan of rhymed poetry, but this is so well crafted, it’s a gem.

7 months ago

Lovely simple rhyme, Luigi, short-lined humour makes for good ready reading, and can be informative too, like here. Good fun read. Unlike Roger, you’re still at the top of your game!
Regards, Trevor

7 months ago

This is delicious, Luigi. Lovely pace and quite picturesque to boot!


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