Judge Not

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The journal of subconscious thoughts
Created by the paths I’ve trod
Never knowing what I sought
Doubtful of the faith in god

Reflecting on mistakes I’ve made
Editing the truth to blind
The folly of my escapades
Invades the space of conscious mind

My conscience will not let me rest
Until I purge myself of guilt
Self honesty must be my quest
Break down the barriers I built

If I can look behind my eyes
And smile at what I see within
When only happy tears are cried
I’ll take what life gives on the chin

There is no need for me to judge
No need to heed such idle chatter
From this belief I will not budge
Those who judge no longer matter

© popeye 2023
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An interesting piece on introspection and reflection, well crafted and with good rhymes.
Best wishes; Luigi.


A fine piece that can be read many times. Not to judge, not even those who do is an interesting exercise worth experiencing.


A great read! Takes courage to self reflect. Very thoughtfully penned. Warm regards!


Introspection is vital to growth as humans, in my opinion. It’s not always easy or as smooth as we would like. I feel you’ve given a good accounting of your own self reflection. Well done.


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