Winged nomads.

There’s no reason to go
on a wild goose chase.
They are here!
They have arrived today
from the icy Arctic tundra
to make of this country
their temporary base.
They are winged nomads,
unrestrained free spirits
who have no frontier.
In winter they fly South
where eelgrass abounds
and in spring they return
to their breeding grounds.
But there is evidence
that the Canada Geese,
migratory by nature,
are not disinclined
to stay over here
and do not require
a permit of residence.
But we are not worried;
we are animal lovers
and welcome all birds
from the mighty eagle
to the humble sparrow,
the owl, the redbreast
or the green plover.
© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2023
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Nice poem with hidden message. Sorry to have to point this out, Luigi, but it should be “disinclined to stay.”

Regards, Gerald.


I thought best to apologise in advance as there are some, even on this site, who take offence at grammatical errors being pointed out. I should have known you would have been able to take it on the chin. I apologise for making the wrong assumption.
Cheers, Gerald.

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