A Frank Chat With Mr Winkie

I have no balls Doc!

We must chat.

Today was a shocker.

The ripe age of four plus six.

It’s tough man to man.

He really wanted to talk,

With winkie, not me it seemed,

As he constantly looked down.

He quipped how long can soldier stand.

I mean to a man!Sounded like me mother,

I thought she was using morse!

Around ten I figured of course.

(“Hows little soldier has he taken a sponge”).

He can muster a fair period,

That’s if interests at hand.

He can quite often muster

When gripped with a cluster…

O Doc whats wrong?

I saw him shake to a quake.

He hurriedly grabbed a pen.

Was it a script to make?

Not more medicine I pray,

No way, came the reply.

It was then I realised

He was writing a book,

Called Savage Dick,

He struck me from chapter three.

Not enough goss, or he didn’t give a …s.

5 and 6, 5 and 7…

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