O Hillesden Why Thee.

Cromwell you showed no favor.
You muted most.
Many under siege from thee.
Villagers trapped, 
Captive by this inhumane pillager.
There was no shelter,

There lay no voice.

People beggared in your wake.
A coward and martyr to none.
Only blood veiled your sword.
His days were long and brutal.
Even the innocent were prey.
People searching to survive.
Survive this gaul of a man.
You who despised religion.
You who hunted catechist,
As one would hunt a hound.
Shooting through the holy door.
You with no concept of evil.
Belonging to the devils crew.
Your eyes transmit fear on all.
If shame should be joyed by one.
And pain placed in your body,
Cromwell, then let that one be you…

© munster 2023
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