Late Autumn.


Autumn dallies at winter’s

door, hesitant lest she

steps ahead of need.

Her finery still incomplete

as emerald drapes her

waiting form.

Summer’s hand has lingered

long, loath to leave

this lady’s side.

© sweetwater 2020
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critique and comments welcome.
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A good one Sue!
I like the first three lines very much. The overlapping of autumn-summer-winter has been very well depicted.


Fine seasonal poem again, Sue. A thought occurred to me though, if autumn dallies at winter’s door, it should perhaps be:’ though emerald drapes her, sienna (patiently) awaits’, unless it’s a very short autumn! Just a thought as the colours here, falling now, are a superb mixture of yellows and brown; ‘hesitant’ too, might be better? No need to change your poem though. I hope you don’t mind my observations, finely hone sentiments otherwise, and much enjoyed!
Best, Trevor

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