Times please


Hey buddies, pause for a while please
For the sake of peace
Your garden’s ground needs a recess,
It’s falling apart, breaking into pieces.

Your sky touching feat
Boomerang in self-defeat
Your greedy earnings cheat,
By devouring poor meat.

Warring work with high numbers,
The world seems to be sailing
In ceaseless slumber,
Worrying iceberg of injustice wailing from under.

All you do has war in it,
It’s a self-destructive habit,
We’re all losing Life’s beat
Despite continuous growth and profit.

Times please O Mind, work for peace,
Prosperity and bliss will reign here,
You’ll find the heaven you’re looking for
In your own golden garden, at ease.

© supratik 2023
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A glimpse of hope in a world competing for diminished resources. No one knows why sea denizens beach. Oil and gas wars, land is mandated to control and take. Rumors of wars. ~s~

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