October Wood.


I love these soft

October days

with every breath

a whisper left,

to draw you close

in silk embrace.


Vibrant kisses guide

your steps

as falls her cloak

about the way

and bares her soul

to winter.



© sweetwater 2020
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A Poet In Winter – well autumn. Soul bared cloak fallen – just mellow 😀


Jason just takes it down and works his magic, cleaning out ads about twice a year.


Metaphorically a love poem too, Sue (more so if ending ..’and bares her soul to fate’!). No, a beautiful poem about October, a much underrated month, deserving the respect you give it here; funny how we both refer to the vibrant ‘breezes’ loosening leaves, here that cloak Mother Nature, ‘baring her soul’, having been a seduced by an annual lover that unclothes her.
Your muse is serving you well now. (I think October needs a capital? I’m not sure these late-life days!)


Yes, months and days should have capitals in text, seasons, winter, spring etc. should not. (According to OCD, which is the grammar-bible).

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