Health is wealth

Health is wealth

Winners also quit, quitters also win. Example: smoking

Mantra/Prayer: I was never born as a smoker. Smoking is unnatural, abnormal for me. I see the urge of smoking leaving my system. For good. Ah! There again! I am a non-smoker. I am back to my nature. I am back to normal.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Keep on chanting this mantra before, during and after smoking. This covers unconscious smoking to conscious smoking. However, always be kind and affectionate towards you. If you’re smoking, it’s all right. Don’t curse yourself, don’t blame your situations, however hard and hostile they might be.

Chanting this mantra/prayer alone, without resisting smoking can help you walk over smoking at ease. You will take your time, but slowly, like magic and miracle, you will turn into a non-smoker… without any withdrawal symptoms.

Try this. Please. May success fall in love with you.

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