Health is wealth

Health is wealth

Winners also quit, quitters also win. Example: smoking

Mantra/Prayer: I was never born as a smoker. Smoking is unnatural, abnormal for me. I see the urge of smoking leaving my system. For good. Ah! There again! I am a non-smoker. I am back to my nature. I am back to normal.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Keep on chanting this mantra before, during and after smoking. This covers unconscious smoking to conscious smoking. However, always be kind and affectionate towards you. If you’re smoking, it’s all right. Don’t curse yourself, don’t blame your situations, however hard and hostile they might be.

Chanting this mantra/prayer alone, without resisting smoking can help you walk over smoking at ease. You will take your time, but slowly, like magic and miracle, you will turn into a non-smoker… without any withdrawal symptoms.

Try this. Please. May success fall in love with you.

© supratik 2020
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Good for you, Supratik! India seems to be a Continent of smokers? I smoked a pipe for a short period in my teens (cigarette with a built-in ashtray better for open sports cars!). So long ago, I can’t remember, but stopping instantly and suffering severe cold turkeying seems to be the only way to win with will-power alone? Success, by the way, has been besotted with me! (I wish!). I hope your mantra theory works for the black lung brigade!
Regards, Goth


Any psychological strengthening of will-power in the battle to reduce the metabolic-homeostatic pull-back of addiction until a more favourable chemical balance in the body is obtained, is to be applauded. And using mantra and other self-suggestion methods to create a sub-conscious resistance to unwanted behaviour, applied seriously and rigorously, and with the necessary perseverance, doubtlessly works, so I wish you well in helping others to quit practices that damage health. I think most people appreciate the mystic Eastern contribution to, and influence on, this science. Cold turkeying will work, if the person and their nearest and dearest can endure the… Read more »

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