A Prescription

You know how sometimes everything gets to be a bit  too much? 


I need a prescription, I said.
I’ve got this weird noise in my head
A tumultuous rabble
Does nothing but babble
Their wittering fills me with dread.

Said the doctor, dear me, that sounds bad.
If I knew of a cure I’d be glad,
But there isn’t a potion
Would quell this commotion.
– Please,  doctor, it’s driving me mad. 

But then he said, here’s what I’ll do
I’ve got a prescription for you:
Find an unpossessed grave
(Or a nice quiet cave)
And seal up the entrance with glue.

There you can sleep, read or pray
Safely apart from the fray
Just stay under cover
Till Brexit is over
And then you can come out and play.



© shadow 2023
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I think most of us will be joining you so please save us some space!
Great poem speaks for so many being driven mad right now. Sue.

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