Two Faced Autumn.

Autumn, a fickle friend.

Fair autumn you

are fickle yet,

beguiling with your

lustrous eye,

bejewelled beauty

tempting all

with fulsome feast

laid at your door:

and summer’s warmth

to hunger there.


Beware you wayward

traveller here,

taste not those fruits

that so entice,

for sudden is her

turn of face:

she’ll cast you down

with angered spear,

call out her rage

with violent might

to carve your flesh by

silver blade.


© sweetwater 2020
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9 months ago

Very well written. I was quite stunned because I guess your rendition is much simpler, but this one has layers of interpretation. Well done.

9 months ago
Reply to  sweetwater

Oh great ! This one for sure is more enjoyable. ☺

9 months ago

A modest jewel really.

9 months ago

Not my favourite time of year, and to call it fickle couldn’t be a better description and you express it very well here.

9 months ago

Beautiful longer length poem from your practiced pen, a real pleasure to read, Sue. I love all the seasons equally for different reasons. The switchover storms, Winter-Spring, Autumn-Winter are particularly dramatic here. If only these fine poems of yours were presented better….sigh..

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