The supreme soul

পরমাত্মা (Bengali) 

আমার দেহ যখন হবে শব
ঘুচবে সব শব্দ, কলরব,
না-বলা ব্যথার আর্তনাদ যত
মন-যন্ত্রের যন্ত্রনা আর খত
অসাড় হয়ে পুড়ে যখন,
হাঁড়ির ভিতর হাড়গুলো সব
নাড়ির সাথে থাকবে হয়ে ছাই
হে বন্ধু, তখন এসো আলো হয়ে
আমার অস্থি ভাসিয়ে দিতে,
আমায় সাথে নিয়ে যেতে
আমার প্রিয় পরমাত্মা ভাই।

The supreme soul

When my body becomes a cadaver
All wailing words will cease,
On fire, 
Bones burning at ease,
Gray dusts accompanying
The naval in an earthen pot,
All unsaid pains of
The machine-mind will heal;
Then, my friend
Come unto me as light,
Immerse my ashes in the waters
And take me in your arms,
My ma, my guru, my baba
O my Supreme soul, Paramatma.

© supratik 2020
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Beautiful verse Supratik, with the feel of a Rabindranath Tagorean style translation. Bengali is a strangely-formed language to the English writer, with its continual ‘overlining’ effect as opposed to underlining? I wonder how that presentation was decided? I wonder if anything is lost in translation, do you think your rendering of the poem in English is missing important messaging elements?
Lovely change to the usual way of presenting English spiritual sentiments, and an enjoyable read.
Best, Goth


This SVO is interesting, because having read and written so much in Swedish since, what some 40 years, I sometimes get the word order wrong (which is why Archie once thought I was dyslexic, which I’m not) and have to correct later. For, in Swedish, if you start a sentence with anything other than the subject, you have to change the SVO order, called ‘omvänd ordföljd’, so in English you could answer (the question: where were you yesterday? for example), ‘Yesterday, I was in town’; but in Swedish you have to say ‘Yesterday, was I in town’ (Igår, var jag… Read more »

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