Convenient Answers

I often feel like I’m hiding from reality.

Mind’s eye sees what it wants to believe
Promotes conclusions it cannot achieve
Creating conditions beyond our belief
Accepts perception might lead to grief

A head that is buried beneath the sands
Never prepared to face life’s demands
Lives in a world of worthless dreams
Oblivious to nightmarish screams

Wake up you fool take charge of today
Take up the cudgels, do things your own way
Demand the attention you think you deserve
Challenge the norm, if you have the nerve

Convenient answers are easy to find
Acceptance develops a weak, idle mind
What we believe is known as perception
We fail to achieve by embracing deception

© popeye 2020
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Fine poem Popeye, (you have it under fiction?), I think we all need to hide from reality occasionally, a distraction that allows recovery from facing and not conveniently filtering out preferred truths from a harsh and busy world. Yes, easy to slip into indifference and lose control of your own destiny?


An exhortation to follow one’s own convictions by not losing one’s nerve.
A statement that not everyone adheres to thus denying themselves.of opportunities.
A good one, Popeye.
Best, Luigi.

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