Brazil burning

Brazil burning. Rainforest on fire. Blaming has started. It means the problem is here to stay, according to Peter Senge, a renowned systems thinker. Drawing a problem-map involving all stakeholders can help us have a bird’s eye view.
Those who’re cutting trees to earn a living are successfully selling the products to the buyers.
We need to show an alternative way to them if we have to prevent deforestation. In the past, many products and professions have gone out of use because people stopped buying and or selling a particular product. Even habits like smoking in public places has been successfully prevented in all parts of the world. 
If we focus on the problem, which is a sin in this case, without punishing the doers (the so-called sinners), we could definitely find a way out. 
A global headache, all leaders can sit and discuss as to how to address the challenge and save the lungs of the world.

We need intelligence of the highest order in this regard, the likes of NASA maybe! 

Amazon is in BIG trouble
Let’s get into a huddle,
I’m sure we’re intelligent
Enough to save the trees,
Help Brazil and its people
Find a profitable, permanent
Solution, together at ease.

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