Autumn, A Personal View

An autumnal re-appraisal

On the subject of Autumn I’m ambivalent.
I have always regarded it with suspicion
and of its charms I’ve remained diffident.
I much prefer the two preceding seasons
but, having made this bold admission,
I feel that I have to explain my reasons.
I am the product of a Mediterranean land
where in Summer the sun is so radiant
that’s easy to keep warm and get tanned.

It is so nice to go bathing in a tepid sea
rather than in a freezing swimming pool.
The wisdom of this choice convinced me.
Autumn engenders a different sentiment:
in the fall cultivation continues unabated,
fruit and vegetables crops are excellent.
Apples and pears abound and are tasty,
spinach, potatoes, pumpkins flourish too.
So maybe in my judgement I was hasty.

And even though the sun is not so intense
there’s a period of unusual warm weather,
St. Martin’s summer, to revive the senses.
All things considered it must be stated
that whether vernal, aestival or hibernal
no one season should be discriminated.
© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2023
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I thoroughly enjoyed this, a true summing up of autumn’s differing daily offerings which confuse yet arouse the senses. 🙂

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