Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha!
Holds you high
Up in the sky
Heals all pain and scar,
Those heavy bla bla bla
Troubling you inside
Will wither, disappear!

Wherever you are
Just practise ha ha ha!
Smile, laugh, giggle
Dissolve your riddle, puzzle;
To feel as light as feather
Or shine like a star
Just go ha ha ha!

Don’t look for any reason
It’s good for all season,
Summer, winter, spring
You will dance and sing,
Feel drunk with happiness
With or without friends;
And all your stubborn problems
Will bid adieu to you. 
Practise the sound my dudes
The vibration cleans the air
As clumsy clouds will clear.

To cure your bla bla bla
Just practise ha ha ha!

© supratik 2023
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The only way I could describe this other than possative is ‘bubbly’ nice write


I I I like it very upbeat…..boo boo boo to the bla bla bla, my son you will go far.

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