Broken mind

Lost deep within my own mind,
Where Invisible bars block my every way,
Trapped within a prison built of my own madness ,
Tormented by demons grown from my regrets,
And Born by my frustration and inability to act,


Here Anonymous Doctors tell me its my illness,
That I am not responsible for my actions,
Yet who else can these demons feed upon?
Who else can my mind blame?
As they Slowly drive me insane,


My mind hungrily consumes itself,
It Grasps at pale memories as they fade into darkness,
And The blood in my veins starved of the breath of life,
Is Poisoned by the toxic waste of my existence,


As Every laboured breath kills my mind slowly,
In the dark torture chamber of my lost reason,
I watch my life drift away the past, the present ,and the future,
And I scream crying for release,
While I fall into the soft velvet darkness….

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This is quite a heavy poem, im not sure what the writer wants me to take away from this, I guess the strongest stanza is S3 as it reveals the Copd in a poetic way but there seems to be a mix of emmotion that I must be missing something


Hi, you say you write dark poetry. They don’t come much darker than this. I truly hope your clouds have been blown away by a better wind.

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