Rainbows hold myths,

And enormous powers
Within our thoughts!

How we often wonder why?
When we see them in sky,  

Rarely would we pass one by
Without a glance.

Everyone gets to gaze,
To wonder with amaze.

How their colours bond,

With their band of seven,

Constructing their massive Arch,
So beautiful to see.

Where does it start,
Where does it end?

Is there really a pot of gold
To behold at both ends…?

They help us all share
Magical moments…

Somewhere, high above that rainbow,
dreams can come true
And maybe yours will too..?

We all become childlike
when we look up and gaze,
At times don’t we wish
we could be on the other side
Peeking back?

Would the colours be any different?

What would it look like from the stars?




They stay, but for the shortest while.

So look up and enjoy
your own reason why,
it’s magic is all there for you…

Thoughts and inspirations from my childhood.  

© munster 2023
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