Belief system


Our belief systems,
The real mayhem.
Like a child, we are
Far too blind,
Cannot breathe
Without them.

We need to change
The pattern of thoughts,
Chaining us for years
In our compelling cage.

It is difficult to
Convince a teenager
That being thirty
Isn’t quite old,
By running after oil
We’re running into holes
Energies are drained,
Real issues, put on hold.

It is impossible to explain
Those dumb delinquents
That nuclear weapons
Flaunting toys of
Boisterous boys
Do not make anyone bold.

Proverbs and words
Fail to achieve their goals,
Juvenile fads
Mesmerized with
All that glitters
As charmingly gold.

And all that litters
In the oceans and the seas
Thanks to the immature
Business wannabes
Is creating ruckus
In the world manifold.

Between hell and heaven
Lies the belief system;
Change the way
We’d played the game,
We’ll not get suffocated
In the claustrophobic air
Wars will wither, peace will reign.

© supratik 2023
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