Belief system


Our belief systems,
The real mayhem.
Like a child, we are
Far too blind,
Cannot breathe
Without them.

We need to change
The pattern of thoughts,
Chaining us for years
In our compelling cage.

It is difficult to
Convince a teenager
That being thirty
Isn’t quite old,
By running after oil
We’re running into holes
Energies are drained,
Real issues, put on hold.

It is impossible to explain
Those dumb delinquents
That nuclear weapons
Flaunting toys of
Boisterous boys
Do not make anyone bold.

Proverbs and words
Fail to achieve their goals,
Juvenile fads
Mesmerized with
All that glitters
As charmingly gold.

And all that litters
In the oceans and the seas
Thanks to the immature
Business wannabes
Is creating ruckus
In the world manifold.

Between hell and heaven
Lies the belief system;
Change the way
We’d played the game,
We’ll not get suffocated
In the claustrophobic air
Wars will wither, peace will reign.

© supratik 2020
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A thoroughly enjoyable read, Supratik, that follows your particular style and with topical content messaging that needs to be voiced again and again until heard! I would prefer it to be brought in from the edge a tad by, in editing, highlighting the whole main body of the piece, and then indenting with the ‘indent right’ icon on the lower toolbar, and then ‘save’. Just makes it all easier to read.
Glad you’re still pressing on regardless!
Best, Trevor


I think you’ve clicked the ‘margin right’ icon (left, centre, right) on the top toolbar, Supratik. ‘Indent right’ is on the lower toolbar, and shows as a page of text with an arrow pointing right in it (or left if wanting to go left in its partner icon), it moves the whole text from the default left margin by increments with each click. I find three increments in from the left is just about right for poetry, and one or two for prose.


Well…..nah……place the curser before “Our” and “Enter” a couple of times to bring the piece down from the top slightly (Get rid of the second ‘Belief System’), also place curser after “reign” at the bottom and Enter a couple of times. Maintains the integrity of the whole piece and is worth it!


Sorry, been out for some fresh air. Looks a lot better doesn’t it; places a good poem in its best light for reading; if the poem’s worthwhile composing, it’s worth the effort too, to present it well. Alison said that too, and her work is always well-presented. Learn a few extra moves, and you’re good thereafter?


I tend to travel less these days, stay more at home in Sweden, and here, we’ve had up to 38,5c the last couple of weeks, staying tropical at night which, as long as you consume a lot of water during the day, is the only real negative. Gone down to normal 22c – 24c now, with some much needed rain, so very pleasant again. Where are you located, city or rural?


Yeah, I’ve looked it up now, not too far from the Bangladesh border, and the Bay of Bengal. Looks very green, and with some really magnificent and majestic old buildings, looks a fabulous place! I hope it’s not too noisy, or too warm!


I don’t have any contact with Alison, not since her last visit and sad announcement on here. I expect it was quite an ordeal, and is biding her time, getting her strength up again. She is certainly missed.


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