In the dark

In the dark

Heaven, a special guest,
Comes stilly each night,
To visit hell.
Hell welcomes,
Willingly hosts
In the dark.

When the day breaks
The blue gets washed,
The gray disappears
They kiss each other
Good bye…
Heaven, fresh as it were,
Takes off, drawing
Its day’s strength
To look down upon
The entertainer.

In between, on the earth, 
An owl is watched
By an eagle,
A squirrel is playing
While underneath a tree
A motivational guru
Talks on the possibility
Of holistic transformation;
How it is possible to change
Inside out, upside down.
The eager students are chanting
Hymns, in praise of the sun
And the blue sky.

Hell, with its ghosts,
Remains in the dark,
Buried in hell.

© supratik 2023
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