Mike Green

On the anniversary of Mike’s death, one I wrote at the time.  His funeral was wonderful – typical of the man himself. And it’s fitting that it should be my last sub for a while.

My pal Mike passed beyond sight today. Anything I might say at present would sound trite, so:

Mike Green wore a coat
of many colours.
A Harlequin costume,
whose rough diamonds,
blazed a comet’s tale
across his broad horizon.
I speak in the hyperbole
we shared. His writing flashes;
flared across a sky
without a heaven.
His world without
Biblical end. And yet?
depend on it – He’s somewhere
in the firmament.
Jousting with the troubadors;
entering the tournament;
scrapping with the scribes…

Jim Archibald, July 05, 2018 at 11:06PM

© franciman 2020
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11 months ago

I don’t have the skills to comment on poetry but having met Mike a few years ago, you’ve captured his persona in your words.
A fine man and writer; I always enjoyed reading his work.

11 months ago
Reply to  stevef

Hear, hear.

11 months ago

Ditto, still sorely missed..

11 months ago

Hi Jim – Wonderful eulogy

11 months ago

Quite a tribute really. Very fine indeed. Doesn’t need my comment for certain …

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