Moments of Lust (Music Excerpt + poem)

Here is a poem I wrote quite a few years ago and the music is me with a Swedish harp player who, according to herself, couldn’t sing … :). I know for certain that I can’t.

Poem is supposed to reappear in my “The Stars may have gone Crazy” (Coming soon).



The weakest moment

Caressed me too;

Of innocence I put the blame on you.


Fragile featherlike;

A moment lost,

Of wonders heaven styled;

Les tempes perdus.


I couldn’t breathe your name;

A tranquil storm.

My nights all gone insane;

You keep me warm.


Moments of wonder,

Moments of lust.

Fragile you ponder;

A game of trust.


There’s no more sound, I hear

A falling star.

In love no silent fear;

Too close afar.


I can’t but breathe your name,

In stillness clear.

The stars all gone insane;

You breathe too near.


You’re close …

You’re far …




© Omecronon12 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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is there a problem with the audio file?
I liked the lyrics, cool!

perhaps it’s a problem with my internet, I can hear but it’s being interrupted every two or three seconds with a long pause.
the voice of the female is sweet and serene. I wish I could hear more of it.

mine is weird too maybe a big quake is about to happen, here the hot weather is getting unbearable again. it could also play a significant role in routers overheating or something like that.


lyrics are very passionate,

I can’t but breathe your name,

In stillness clear.

The stars all gone insane;

You breathe too near.

and this is too damn hot stuff


Hi there,
this poem is so beautiful, I played the music and found it incredibly haunting. I was able to hear everything clearly with the sound turned up high.

It works well as a poem too. Love the idea of fragile featherlike; a moment lost, of wonders heaven styled; Les tempes perdus. It fits perfectly.



this one is for a female voice Evanescence style of music, probably needs an orchestra too which can be arranged with a synth. so far the two poems I read are not for simply an acoustic guitar. In my opinion of course.

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