The Mountain Stream (Life’s Path)

Life is like a mountain stream,

Quietly flowing, quietly forming.

From  soft rain that falls from the clouds
As they brush by.

It begins in a funny place,
It’s a wilderness…

But amongst great beauty,
With the purest of water.

It bursts from the rock
Like a mountain spring.

The air is fresh,
There’s nothing to interfere.

It winds its self down
Sometimes so steadily.

And other times so fast,
Without a moment to spare.

Gently meandering along,
Taking everything in its stride.

To raging torrents
Without a care for anything.

It passes by lots of faces,
And places learning new routes.

It can wash gently
Upon the greenest meadows.

And it has the power
To wear away the toughest rocks.

It arrives into the river so full, 

Majestic and proud.

With a lot seen,
Much done along its way.

To join the sea,
A miraculous reincarnation.

To rise up and form a cloud
And start its world all over again.

Just as in life we all experience good and bad along the way, 
We start out totally innocent with no hang ups its others
that from time to time impose on us these thoughts and expressions,
but the true quality of life is growing up to understand the difference,
To appreciate the true value of right from wrong…

© munster 2023
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