Empty words

Empty words

How’s it a global village,
Where a country’s failure
Is another’s success,
Not the whole world’s shame?

Words, only words
For better or for worse,
Playing the blind blame game.

Ganges is connected to Amazon
Like lungs is to kidney
Dubai is linked to London
Like Surat is to Sidney.

Palestine is connected to Hong Kong
Like heart is to brain
Zimbabwe is linked to Wellington
Like forests to gardens.

The world, much like all sentient beings
Has cells, tissues, enzymes,
Bones, arteries and veins
You may call them villages,
Towns and cities
You may regard them as rivers,
Oceans, seas and mountains.

When you are dumping garbage
On weaker territories,
You maybe healing your elbows
But hurting your knees.

In between your part
Of the world and mine
Stand lonely borders;
Selfish, alert,
Only empty words shine.

Empty words cannot lure
As boosters of the Game
When a country’s failure
Is taken, as the whole world’s shame.

Whatever has been our past
Walls will fall, wars can never
Last forever. However scarlet
The stage might have been,
Peace will gain its ground,
It’s bound to rise and win.

© supratik 2023
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Empty words indeed – Surat and Sydney, good analogy. I’ve been to Surat; plenty of Australians there!

“You maybe healing your elbows
But hurting your knees.”

In Denmark I heard a similar expression: “Pissing in your trousers to keep warm.”


I agree with all your words here, but the first verse really hit home, when one country is on its knees and desperate the whole world should be ashamed. Those that put them there through greed should be ashamed, those who fight and kill innocent people just to steal their land should be ashamed and those of us who haven’t caused their desperation should be ashamed of sharing a world with those who have.
But shame itself can cause anger and fighting sadly.

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