I want to be

I want to be

The title is not incomplete
Just in case
You’re looking for any suspense.

The aim inside me
Just wants to be…

The soul wants to bloom
With its seven properties;
Happiness, power, peace
Love, purity, knowledge, bliss.

With all of these
Priceless qualities
I’m rich, wealthy, wise
I have stars in my eyes.

I want to be Buddha
Not a Buddhist,
Jesus, not a Christian
Mohammed, not a Muslim
Krishna, not a Hindu.

The world has imprisoned
The guys
In places of worship
Worse still, they’re more in words, 
Bound within scriptures.

They come to me in disguise
In the dead of a night
Whisper in my ears…
That they’re conditioned in chains
For many many years. 
With tears in their eyes,
Kisses on their lips
They recount me these
Bedtime stories, which
In short would mean,
They want to be free.

All of this though
I can never share you know.
I wouldn’t even dare
To hurt people’s sentiment
They’ll think of me as irreverent,
As insane, irrelevant?
But what do I care! 
With them by my side
I feel sound and light
To breathe in their air.
So I’d lay bare what they say
In every single night. 

‘Be like us, do not just follow us
We never killed, nor hated others,
Neither with actions, nor with words. 
Preaching is more important
Than the Preacher
How could you ignore the teachings
And claim to love the Teacher?

Live up to the words. 
Act upon them. 
You can be who you are,
Enjoy being in the game.’

© supratik 2023
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