I Had A Love Affair

I had a love affair, she was one of the best?

She was a rather large lady called tiger… around 65 feet long.

25 tonnes of steel, green for the main, with a splash of orange,
She could swim and live with the best.

Moored at times in obscurity; yes I liked it that way,
Hidden amongst the foliage and long meadow grass,
Like Moses in the wicker basket, hidden in the bull rushes.

She was oblivious to all around and why not pray I,
Far from the madding crowd, yes please; I would often say.

For it was my private life,

I wanted it for the most part to stay that way,
Selfish I suppose, but that was me.

I had the trust of nature to count on, each and everyday,
Because nature is there to be trusted, she will never let you down.

Consistent in her seasons,in her special ways.
And if she can trust you, then you can sure trust her,
You have the recipe for life, disappointments should be few.

Lazy long summer days, to wander, and ponder into the wide blue yonder.

Ducks would meander over for a little look complete with chicks, and they would plead for a snack.

This was the cause of possibly the most calm and peaceful phase of my entire 
Life at one with my thoughts and in control of my own destiny.

Love life enjoy it to the max, who needs red bu.l and wings..! When patience will do. 

© munster 2023
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