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For the poetry challenge.

Lately, floating clouds are stained
strange madness penetrating,
skies darkness thickening
before billow can change;

lately, rays have no beam
or wink between leaves,
no trace of plume lingers
up in high tops of trees;

lately, swift breath of invisible breeze
now bakes in heat like our earth’s core,
dust now lingers on polluted surface
time accelerated too late for a cure.

Or maybe I’m a feathered ghost
interwoven, with migrating birds,
carried through a ruptured mantle
to where my soul can rest in peace.

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critique and comments welcome.
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I loved it, excellent poem thank you very much for joining and sharing this delicately crafted poem.


A well written poem. These days, poems, in terms of form and content are going through a shift from the conventional prescriptions and proscriptions; so we see poems without any punctuation at all.

It is guided from the belief of empowering the readers. I think this makes sense to me as an alternative way of looking at writing poems. Well done. Keep writing more on this.


Hi Featheredwing, you may have received a pm from Admin on the matter, but I need you to set the next poetry challenge! Do you accept?

post a topic in the poetry challenge forum

here you can read the only rules that exist thus far.

thank you!

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