That’s not a sport

You remember Spartacus? He’d fight with the lions! Most of the time, the poor lions would die in front of the applauding audience. At other times, the slave would be killed in front of the entertained spectators. Imagine!
Every time, such killer sports would end in deaths, bloodshed. Then, in time, came these bull fights (they could be contemporary) where either the bull or the fighter would, if not die, would be brutally bruised and tortured.
Fortunately, when cruelty towards animals became a meaningful and global concern, we slowly saw such sports disappear. Not disappear actually, they reappeared in other forms, viz. cartoons, comics and so on.
It is sad that the habit of watching the slaves in dire consequences, has not left us yet. Thus we have human beings fighting human beings in sports such as wrestling, boxing, etc. What do they do? They fight with each other, sometimes to death or sometimes to inflicting permanent damages like loss of sight, hearing, breaking of bones and so on. What do we do as audience? We sit and enjoy the game! This has become so much ingrained into our belief system that it has become worse than a grass or any injurious addiction.

In an age where we have wars of every kind, when we are sincerely looking for global peace and harmony, do such sports, involving millions and millions of people help to bring about equanimity I wonder.

For the sake of peace, we need to innovate alternative sports for fun and entertainment.

Would you agree?

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