A while ago


He was falling
From the cliff.
No, it wasn’t any sport
He saw the child
Running around…
His mom, with a handful
Of rice and daal,
Chasing him.

He is falling
Every moment
Seemed precious.

He could finally gather
The courage
To bid adieu
To the perpetually
Warring world.

Minutes before he could finally
Touch the ground
He saw his mom
Burnt alive,
His sister raped,
His father murdered,
By some innocent souls
Who followed the instruction
Of their ignorant leaders.

They had to survive
They wanted to survive
They deserved to survive.
And so they did.
His parents, his sister, his family
And now he himself
Not in this they.

He thanked God
Even after years of waiting
For justice,
When nothing came about,
He never became a criminal.

He couldn’t forgive
The world where
He belonged
A while ago.

© supratik 2023
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