The door is open
But I cannot leave.

The sky beckons
The ceiling comforts
I’m stuck in between.

I’m free to go, 
Hands are tied
Feet drowned
Into the dark abyss low
Fast, I find myself inside
This yes and no.

The call is certain
The curtain may fall
So sudden
I cannot believe.

In both worlds, with their beliefs
I want to own, love and live.

The appealing dichotomy
Of walls and mountains
Of lounges and seas
Of gardens and forests
Speaks volumes to me.

Life lies as an open book
But I cannot turn the leaf.

© supratik 2023
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no comments or critique sought.
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This is a piece I really enjoyed and I have read many of your poems. I did not mean to be audacious by any means. Apologies if I gave that impression.


Hi. Not too worry – I used to be a city councillor and you develop a relaxed attitude to everything (especially the abuse you get as a politician and the horrible things you sometimes witness) or you lose your mind. I regard you as a good friend and a talented writer. I look forward to further posts!


I almost never dare to comment on your material but this is a very delicate write that somehow rings true (as does “Profit” which I didn’t comment). The wording is yours and it’s exquisite.


Thank you very much indeed. I’ve hardly Read all of yours so I get your point. As for my being scared it’s very simple to explain. Åt present (and if ever) my own material is hardly on the level you tend to master Møre often than not. You May Take it as a compliment and if so olease di but to Me it’s a fact;. plain and simple. Hence my mindfulness as for your material.

Best wishes

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