Ready to work

Ready to work

If we discover
The art of love
Airs and waters will purify
Pollution will disappear
Poverty will perish
Global warming
Will cease to exist.

Hey scientists
Believe in prayers
Believe in spirituality
Come let’s explore
How we can love
Being together.

Stop all your work
Switch off all lights
Nonsense, all nonsense
I promise
The sky will not fall
Nothing more harmful can happen
A crimehouse
Where rats eat the mice
Every day and night
With chicanery and vice
Corruption we espouse.

Stop all your work
Lie doing nothing at all
Just pray from the bottom
Of your heart
And feel the loving art
Beat the darkness
That had for long withdrawn
Bliss, happiness
From the luminous lawn
We will experience
A splendid
A much forgotten dawn.

And then!
My dear friends!
We’d again be ready to work.

© supratik 2023
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