Nothing left to chance

Inspired by a news story

Jackie and Jilly took the bus to town
to purchase rolls of labelling.
They peeled them one by one
as cellar to attic
they ticketed
every single thing they had.
This for Jeannie, that for Joe,
lawn mower for Neville,
baptism gown for baby Ivor,
Spode tea-set for Glynis,
fire-dogs for Roger,
so on and etcetera.
A long long day
of upstairs and down
before ‘job’s a good un’
and a nice cup of tea –
no sugar for Jack
two lumps for Jilly –
supper and bedtime
after ‘News at Ten.’
Jilly fetched a silvery tray –
holding steaming mugs of milk
hot toddies laced with Tramadol
Milk of Magnesia – ‘just in case’ 
and an album of photographs –  
taken long before Jack’s cancer stirred –
of their wartime wedding day –
‘For all the family to share.’
Jack comforted Jilly’s hand,
“The pills will hide the taste of whiskey.”
Jilly replied, “That’s good.”
They lay in each others’ arms.
Flicking through pictures,
Reliving moments.
Feeling drowsy. 
Feeling happy.
Falling asleep.

© coolhermit 2023
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Sad and powerful stuff from a nursery rhyme… which are usually stark and graphic anyway.

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