Take Me To Your Leader

I hope aliens from space don’t land in the U.K.

I must relate the words I read
on a poster that a friend shared
wishing to start a thread:
“I hope aliens from space
don’t land in the U.K. and say
‘Take me to your leader.
How embarrassing would that be?”
I laughed, believe me reader,
but realised that I had to agree.
I watched the Westminster lunatics
swimming against the tide
and hoping to find a quick fix
but found their hands were tied.
The one who was steering the ship
seemed to have lost the compass
and committed too many a slip
as navigation reached an impasse.
For letting the boat run aground
the captain received no thanks
but was commanded by all around
to step down and walk the plank.
© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2023
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welcome to the club of earthlings not having a leader to take an Alien to. (hopefully I’ve phrased it correctly!)

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