A Few Haiku

Watched from the front porch
crocuses under moist snow
frozen flowers bloom
I move softly now
though the pale fronds brush my mind
sound dearthed by each step.
Over head
red flags unfurl wings
to circle.
Tides amble ashore
pushing square metric water
then sleep as seas quake.
Moon affected beams
imitate a sun risen
unsleeping ocean.
Welcoming the tide
a liquid current affair
comes to wet cool sand.
Steps unwavering
Erosion a withering 
away of reaped fields.
Like carrion eaten flesh 
in time mutates and nurtures.
Claws bite at the bough
predators nowhere searching
the squirrel feasts alone.
Against an orange moon
branches wave 
hailing clouds of time.
Songs curl around air
in a flotilla of light
where the rain listens.
White toothed waves
swim the distance to
find harbor.
Chaste as butterflies
lost at sea
fear death by water.
Gulls alit Mizzened
white fruit bloomed
fluttering at sea.
Sun on blue
splashed like white wet paint
above the horizon.

© allets 2023
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