A Walk in the Country

A little flirtation with pastoral


Bramley End, a hamlet

nestling in a valley,

is not found on the map –

there is a ‘Brambly End’ –

it must be a misprint.


I tramped the hard last miles

blistered, bleeding, limping.


Bramley End… Journey’s end;


a tree-trunk wayside rest,

church bells treble-bobbing,

a chapel, a village hall,

a ‘Welcome Stranger’ pub,

a hearth, an ingle nook,

a pint of home brewed ale,


“Blow your socks off – this will.”


Strolling a leafy lane;

unchained ‘sit up and begs’

clutter a hump-back bridge –

their owners spinning trout

in the dragonfly stream.


A shire watched from a field

as I broke into sighs

and then awoke grieving.


© coolhermit 2023
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