A Notion


A notion of progress,
An arc that motions upward,
Sends the best into another orbit,
Concentric rings that elevate.
Ongoing perfection from such gains,
From phase to phase,
Mean rewards alter gratification.
Sterner attitudes manage pain,
Forfeit the felt refrain,
Circle the earth to secure effect,
All manner of acknowledgement.
Yet reason falters in every life,
Works in ways that blindly abdicate,
Befit a shattered coronation.

© ross 2023
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who crowns the best in a shattered way? and why do the best accept such a coronation?


i need an example
i really want to know what you mean here.


yes but it all sounds to me as some sort of subjective reason, clearly artistic and based on sentimental aspects of the human psyche which are being expressed by biological needs and failures. clearly philosophical reason means that thinking has a conclusion a rational one and an explanation why things got irrational in the external world or in our inner space. a clearly logical or philosophical reason of seeing the inner or outer world can explain unreasonable outcomes and failures. in a way Reason will always rise above excrement.. trying to put reason into practice, make it a practical solution… Read more »

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