The Amalgamation of Alice

Read Alice and Looking Glass a few years ago. Such fun!

Interesting medium, glass.
Metaphors appear in tree branches
or simply materialize like an idea
in the forebrain purchased
from many amalgamated memories.
“I’m late! I’m late! Oh dear.”
Painting is a mental artform,
Aliciously chess squared,
beginning with uncertainties.
Falling asleep near kittens makes
for a curious dare. Stepping
into the vision takes courage,
the ability to hit ground hoops
with a flamingo, and ego-maturity.
On behalf of door mouse like mental 
faculties, the waistcoat watch,
tea leaves, hat tags, squealing shoats,
sealing wax, Red queens, and vanishing
oysters, I wish to thank the Caroler
for singing irreconcilable nonsense
into Aliciously artistic chaos.

© allets 2023
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