Epic Proportions (Part II)

Gods spring from the oddest places,
stomachs, heads, other Gods or Goddesses.
Heroes start out profane, until a visitation.
This, inevitably, brings change into the world,
like stolen fire or why the sun is born,
crosses the sky, and dies.
Still, epics spin war and peace
in thrill etched sagas, the reader
dragged along through life and death
and after life beneath the earth. Charon
and his patronizer, Proserpine, wife
of the underground’s King, etcetera, 
receives heroes or sets them free; there 
are discrepancies between the various 

One thing is certain, we need heroes
to fight monsters no matter the day
or era. Whatever monsters are born
to do harm, a bladed hero, strapped
by leather belts to hold up his spiffy
lamb skin uniform and sandals,
will strike the ogre down.

Most tellings play like this: Ares,
the War God, backs his hero.
who is endowed with epic proportions.
Always these men (or women) arrive
to slay the unslayable unless, of course,
you inadvertently wander into a
Norseman’s pantheon. Lost going in
you may never get out.


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