Epic Proportions (Part I)

Titans come in all shapes but mostly
it is about size. Achilles had a bad
heel day, Odysseus fought Goddesses,
blinded Polyphemus, and pissed
off Poseidon. Attributes only, Zeus plays
his lyre to sooth his buddies, mostly
to keep a close eye on them.

Hera, goddess of goddesses, champion
of hearth and bow and probably dust
and dust mites, walk among men
and women, clouded by the rosy
fingered dawn, earrings adangle,
Hermes her yesterday man.
Jason had Argonauts, who got fleeced,
then had Neptune (aka Poseidon)
to persuade. Greek or Roman, they
are all descended from Valhalla via

Thor, son of Odin,  with a trickstered
adopted brother, Loki, wield that big
hammer, lad. One day Hollywood
will get you and your kinsmen
and kinswomen right. You will,
eventually, make your mark on some
world someday, somewhere.

© allets 2023
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hi, it was Apollo the god playing the lyre, Zeus was too busy with thunders (electric universe).

thanks for this pleasant read.

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