She loves me


She loves me she loves me not?
Daisy’s, plucked gently from the ground,
Pulling petals, one by one…
Their beauty reminds me
Of the beauty in you.
Watching each and everyone, 
As they carry on the breeze,
Maybe you can see them too?
Sitting, thinking, playing around…
In my head is your portrait.
In my heart you are there?
In my soul, you live forever.
I feel you so close, as if, 
Yes you are holding my hand,
But yet you are far, 
We were forced apart by circumstance.
But love, we must never lose sight of you?
Distance and time are numbers,
By which time will succumb?
For one day, our  love will be reunited forever,
And forever more will be?
She loves me…

© munster 2023
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