Humble wish

The tongue is in between
The heart and the brain
Let my speech draw
The strength and balance
from both,
Not from one alone,
For then it could be either
Too dry, too wet, too in vain.

Let it be colorful, soft, sure
Warm and humble, yet very high
Let the lightness of the tongue
Touch the sky,
its sharpness so sound
Peacefully poised on the ground
Like the rainbow that’s seen
As an effort of delight
By the sun and the rain.

© supratik 2023
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the tongue is the first muscle – there are certain practices done by yogi -and i’m sure you know more about it- that leave me speechless. related to all sorts of enlightening paths in so many ancient religions and traditions and let’s not forget the Holy Communion too.

let the lightness of the tongue touch the sky, you may be describing something here, the sky. the tongue touching the sky, in Greek the palate is called “little sky” (ουρανίσκος)

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